Rates and Policies

Please contact Nikki Safavi, Case Manager Services Inc., for Judge Biderman's rates:
Tel: (424) 537-1001
Email: [email protected]

Counsel, not the represented parties, contract for the mediator's services and are responsible for paying all mediation fees. All counsel are responsible, jointly and severally, for the mediator's fees. Mediation fees are due in full upon booking. We cannot hold dates until fees are paid. Please make your check payable to "Joseph S. Biderman PC".

Judge Biderman Mediation
7304 Beverly Boulevard, #115
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Please do not reserve a mediation date unless you are sure that you will go forward. If unforeseen circumstances arise, we will refund mediation fees in full when the parties cancel in writing 30 days or more in advance of the scheduled date. If the parties cancel less than 30 days before the scheduled date, we will refund fees only if we can fill the date with another matter.