Representative Cases

Below is a sample of cases mediated by Judge Biderman.



  • Dispute regarding adequacy of staffing and budgeting for clinical drug trials
  • Dispute regarding medical facility using a staffing company for senior practitioners and calculation of compensation and fees based upon patient volumes and revenue collected
  • Industrial equipment damaged during cross-country transport. The trucking company had insufficient insurance coverage and the transport-broker sued for failure to ensure adequate coverage was in place prior to transport.
  • Unfair Debt Collection practices action against a cell phone company over identity theft and refusal to remove record from credit report
  • Dispute in family-held corporation regarding allegations of fraudulent share transfers and violations of Buy-Sell Agreement
  • Alleged lockout of restaurant proprietor based on change in lessee without lessor’s permission
  • Alleged violations of California Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act and Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Construction defect allegation in 49-unit apartment building and restrictions on low-and ultra-low-income rental amounts on ten units
  • Interior designer provided custom furnishings, drapery and carpets for luxury condominium unacceptable to clients
  • Credit report agency's alleged omissions, errors, and misidentifications damaging credit rating
  • Arbitration of entertainment dispute alleging breach of contract in production and financing of music video
  • Employment dispute charging violations of non-compete clause by former contract high technology employees being hired by contractor
  • Lemon law and warranty coverage arising out of automobile engine failure
  • Discovery referee for commercial litigation
  • Commercial dispute arising out of secured lending agreement with buy- sell provision upon default
  • Multi-party litigation alleging defects in design and installation of 450 windows in condominium complex
  • "Click Fraud" claim against major internet company
  • Franchise dispute between franchiser and operator of 27 fast food restaurants
  • Create confidentiality agreement following dissolution of high profile romantic relationship
  • Auto repair shop founding partners dispute regarding dissolution of corporate entity BUS
  • CCCRAA and RFDCPA claims for erroneous and not timely rectified credit reporting resulting in drop in credit rating
  • Action for breach of fiduciary duty and dissolution of corporation for allegations of self dealing in pricing of and provisions for controlling shareholders right of first refusal in stock buy backs
  • Motel owner sues plumbing contractor alleging failure to clear drain lines adequately resulted in sewage backups in multiple guest rooms and common areas
  • Trade libel and unfair competition action against competitor by industrial waste processor alleging false complaints of mishandling of toxic substances to pilfer competitor’s clients
  • School district sues food warmer distributor and manufacturer alleging product does not deliver even temperatures in compliance with food handling standards
  • Accounting malpractice action against auditors for failure to uncover 8-figure embezzlement by CFO and managers

Civil Rights

  • Suicide of mentally ill inmate
  • Jail suicide by a mentally ill inmate alleging improper administration of psychotropic mediation
  • Claims of multi-year, post-sentence confinement violative of due process
  • Law enforcement pursuing an automobile theft suspect on foot climbed over a fence and detained the wrong individual with a knee to the back to handcuff them, resulting in claimed orthopedic and neurologic injuries
  • Action brought by survivors of a jailed inmate who was found deceased next to his bunk bed
  • Shooting death of an armed suspect fleeing law enforcement
  • Negotiated resolution of statutory attorneys' fees in a civil rights action brought by recipients of in-home health services
  • Fatal shooting of individual exhibiting signs of mental illness and bizarre behavior. Allegations of violations of Section 1983 and the ADA.
  • Attorney’s fees mediation in Supreme Court litigation regarding Public Records Act request for disclosures from law enforcement agencies
  • Jail inmate with mental health issues involved in an inmate altercation was pepper sprayed and later died of cardiac arrest
  • Allegation of assault and battery on student by school police officer
  • Civil rights action alleging sexual assault by jail guard on female in custody
  • Mediation over claims of police brutality and wrongful death
  • Civil rights action alleging wrongful arrest, detention, and incarceration based on racial profiling
  • Civil rights action alleging false arrest and imprisonment, refusal to return eyeglasses during entire incarceration, and over-detention
  • Civil rights action arising out of shooting death of detained person by law enforcement
  • Civil rights action alleging false arrest and imprisonment following minor's sexual abuse and death
  • Civil rights action alleging racially motivated brutality by custody staff against inmate
  • Civil Rights class action by disabled inmates against correctional institution
  • Civil rights action involving allegations of false charges of child neglect resulting in loss of parental rights and child wrongfully falling under jurisdiction of the court
  • Civil rights action alleging unjustified shooting in plaintiff's home resulted in his losing internal organ
  • Civil rights action alleging excessive force in shooting death of transient
  • Excessive force alleged against security guards and delay of medical care by law enforcement
  • Fatal shooting of suspect fleeing law enforcement in vehicle
  • Accidental shooting of suspected criminal
  • Civil rights action alleging prohibited body cavity search of suspect
  • Shooting death of unarmed suspect fleeing law enforcement on foot
  • Allegations of failure to summon medical care for head-injured individual
  • Prisoners left unattended for several hours in van parked in direct summer sunlight
  • Allegations that school district was unresponsive to bullying reports
  • Civil rights action alleging failure to monitor suicidal inmate resulting in severe brain damage due to oxygen deprivation following attempting hanging
  • Sexual abuse of minor by volunteer coach. Issue of apportionment of liability between athletic club and school district
  • False arrest and detention due to plaintiff matching description of suspect resulting in PTSD
  • Multiple child victim of teacher’s sexual battery
  • Sexual assault on arrestee by guard in local jail
  • Fatal shooting by officers pursuing robbery suspect
  • Allegations of misclassification results in mentally ill inmate violently assaulting arrestee resulting in catastrophic brain injury
  • Junior high school student alleges discrimination and harassment against driver who refuses to accept student’s gender identity in assignment of school bus seating
  • Claims of wrongful arrest by individual taken from residence and falls to ground with neurologic and orthopedic injuries
  • Detainee escapes law enforcement on foot and is struck by police vehicle in pursuit
  • Fatal shooting by SWAT of suspect who had barricaded himself in attic of home
  • Suspect under the influence of drugs is tased and beaten by arresting officer with divergent versions of what occurred


  • Dispute arising regarding commissions earned by different brokerages in the sale of a large commercial building
  • Dispute regarding clearing/grading of 120 acres of old growth trees in compliance with Fish and Game and protected species regulations

Consumer Class Action

  • TCPA Class Action alleging unauthorized calls for debt collection

Elder Abuse

  • Allegations of fraudulent transfers, in sale of properties and division of assets, trustee surcharges, elder abuse


  • Allegations of failure to engage in interactive process to accommodate an employee with rapid onset bipolar disorder
  • Discrimination and retaliation claims by apartment resident manager against the management company
  • Funeral home director claimed wrongly classified as an independent contractor and not an employee. Additional claims of sexual harassment, hostile work environment, and retaliatory termination.
  • Resolution of employee's claim that earned and vested commissions on insurance sales were unpaid and that she was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for wage claims and gender discrimination
  • Employment litigation where plaintiff claimed she was retaliated against for becoming pregnant and ultimately discriminatorily discharged
  • Allegation of medical condition discrimination and wrongful termination of at-will employee of government agency
  • Claim by government employee of sexual harassment by supervisor
  • Employment dispute by nanny for overtime wages
  • Employee alleged retaliatory termination for sustaining on the job injury
  • Wage and Hour mediation involving national pharmacy franchise
  • Worker claimed sexual molestation by supervisor at fast food restaurant
  • Employment matter involving allegations of retaliation/discrimination/failure to engage in interactive process after employee attempts to return to work following industrial injury
  • Employment matter for discrimination on failure to accommodate, engage in interactive process, and wrongful termination due to disability of inability to travel or sit/stand for prolonged periods of time
  • Employees of public entity claim new supervisors biased against workers who share their ethnic background, sexual orientation, or age resulting in retaliation, harassment, and wrongful termination
  • Wrongful termination/retaliation alleged by long-term management employee following termination after nearly one year medical absence
  • PAGA action by employees of multiple gas stations/convenience stores alleging graveyard shift workers not given meal and rest breaks and irregularities in time-keepings
  • Staffing company sued for alleged failure to provide, monitor, and account for meal and rest breaks at multiple employment sites
  • Delivery company driver alleges terminated for taking medical leave to have surgery


  • Entertainment action contesting calculation of compensation to television show talent based on marginally adjusted gross revenue vs. net profits
  • Presided over case involving claims that performers were induced to become intoxicated prior to signing waivers for film
  • Entertainment action involving competing writers' claims for royalty payment in production of television show
  • Entertainment action in dispute of credit rights for producer and executive producer
  • Entertainment action regarding competing claims of right to produce life story film of noted actress

Government Entities

  • Dispute over responsibility for cleanup of long dormant waste water field in industrial parcel
  • Action by homeowners against municipality for public sewage backup that flooded homes with raw sewage
  • Resolution of multi-resident and government action regarding hillside development density and grading requirements
  • Resolution of government entity's action against multiple homeowners and HOA for installation of berms to divert storm surges from ocean away from residences and interference with public beach access
  • Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act litigation alleging municipality passed zoning restriction to prevent church from opening in business district
  • 100 year flood during repair of waste water canal results in bridge washing out issue of apportionment of liability between water board and governmental entity

Civil Rights

  • Allegations of mold and dust contamination and exposure in waterfront apartment resulting in physical and psychological injuries
  • Allegations that apartment manager refuses requests for repairs to heating and appliances and selectively targets tenant with warnings of eviction regarding her barking dog
  • Claims of repeated elevator failures in luxury high rise causing plaintiffs to take 20 flights of stairs for extended periods of time.
  • Allegations of unremediated multiple gas leaks and mold in apartment

Insurance / Bad Faith

  • Claims for property damage and loss of business and income due to fire on newly acquired building inadvertently omitted from insurance policy
  • Insurance coverage of upgrades to industrial billing following total loss in fire
  • Insurance bad faith dispute regarding coverage for allegations of intentional and negligent torts committed by property owner against tenants
  • Multi vehicle collision resulting in 10 fatalities with extensive insurance coverage issues
  • Construction defect and earthquake damage insurance coverage issues
  • Auto v. Pedestrian personal injury case involving multiple surgeries and exposure beyond policy limits
  • Underinsured motorist claim for orthopedic injuries in rear end collision
  • Bad faith claim for failure to accept policy limits demand in catastrophic injury claim

Insurance / Bad Faith

  • Claims for property damage and loss of business and income due to fire on newly acquired building inadvertently omitted from insurance policy
  • Insurance coverage of upgrades to industrial billing following total loss in fire
  • Insurance bad faith dispute regarding coverage for allegations of intentional and negligent torts committed by property owner against tenants
  • Multi vehicle collision resulting in 10 fatalities with extensive insurance coverage issues
  • Construction defect and earthquake damage insurance coverage issues
  • Auto v. Pedestrian personal injury case involving multiple surgeries and exposure beyond policy limits
  • Underinsured motorist claim for orthopedic injuries in rear end collision
  • Bad faith claim for failure to accept policy limits demand in catastrophic injury claim

Intellectual Property

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act claims over use of architectural plans for coastal resort hotel complex
  • Mediation of patent infringement claim by large air conditioning manufacturer claiming knock-off of filter products

Legal Malpractice

  • Legal malpractice alleging counsel mishandled a conservatorship hearing, necessitating a successful appeal, incurring a high amount of attorney’s fees and loss of substantial real property assets
  • Legal malpractice action arising out of alleged inadequate and untimely bankruptcy court filings
  • Legal malpractice action brought as cross-complaint in response to action for collection of unpaid fees

Medical Malpractice

  • Medical malpractice case involving allegations that Defendant injected patient’s face with a drug indicated for topical use only, resulting in scarring and disfiguration
  • Medical malpractice action alleging failed carpal tunnel surgery resulting in nerve damage and functional impairment to wrist and hand
  • Medical malpractice action alleging poorly performed spinal surgery resulting in paresthesia and chronic pain
  • Medical malpractice action alleging multiple complications from cervical discectomy
  • Dental Malpractice alleging negligent performance of root canal and implants
  • Dental malpractice alleging disfigurement from drill "jumping" during root canal
  • Malpractice claims against a major hospital
  • Medical malpractice action alleging wrongful death due to physician’s failure to follow up with patient regarding aggressive cancer
  • Professional malpractice arising out of hair removal procedures
  • EMTs inject patient with wrong dosage of pharmaceutical resulting in near cardiac arrest

Personal Injury

  • Wrongful death action arising from forklift accident in an agricultural packing facility
  • Care accident with cervical fusion treatment and allegations of "open policy" due to limits demand not being timely accepted by the insurance company
  • Sexual relationship between minor student and her coach
  • Allegations of bullying and assault by middle school students due to school’s failure to supervise
  • Binding mediation of uninsured motorist claim
  • Trip and fall on uneven city sidewalk resulting in labral tear and dislocated shoulder
  • Pedestrian injured when utility cover in sidewalk suddenly gave way
  • Customer went on a trail ride and claimed ill-trained, fatigued, and dehydrated horse threw her when spooked by another rider’s sunhat being blown off her head
  • Multiple fractures sustained following a fall off of a loading dock during a garment sample sale
  • Exposure to flooring compound caused lung damage and respiratory impairment
  • Slip and "almost" fall on French fry resulted in contested orthopedic injuries
  • Unpermitted structure rented to tenants who suffered injuries when floor collapsed
  • Law enforcement vehicle responding to an emergency radio call lost control and caused catastrophic injury to a pedestrian
  • While demonstrating a new car’s safety features, a sales person failed to engage "active breaking" and rear-ended another vehicle. The plaintiff passenger suffered an open fracture of the elbow
  • Allegation that a pedestrian was killed due to an inattentive elderly driver in the course and scope of work for a construction company and that the city failed to maintain flashing lights at the crosswalk
  • Special needs student drowned in a public pool, leading to allegations of inadequate school and park supervision
  • Police pursuing murder suspect lost control and impacted three vehicles, causing injuries to occupants
  • Action by pedestrian hit in school crosswalk when driver failed to see crossing guard as well as pedestrians
  • Impersonator of political figure pushed by incensed fellow performer who had political differences resulting in significant physical injury
  • Police pursued on foot unarmed individual suspected of carrying handgun, resulting in suspect being fatally shot
  • A trucker fell asleep on the freeway, hit a pole and downed power lines, causing the Plaintiff’s car to impact and cantilever, resulting in severe injuries
  • UIM bath faith claimed when excess carrier refused to tender policy limits to Claimant, who had multiple back and neck surgeries
  • Pedestrians struck in crosswalk alleged City defendant defectively designed intersection in violation of mandatory state and local requirements
  • Wrongful death of pedestrian crossing street to event venue with inadequate parking, lighting and security
  • Wrongful death of juvenile engaged in sport activity at private gym
  • Below hip double amputation in industrial meat grinder
  • Alleged sexual assault by coworker on another warehouse employee
  • Allegations of inadequate security at restaurant parking lot resulting in fatal shooting of two customers
  • Wrongful death alleged due to inadequate safeguards at oil drilling sites resulting in soil failure
  • Personal injury action by multiple plaintiffs injured in commuter train collision with tractor trailer truck
  • Wrongful death action arising out of tour bus/auto collision
  • Premises liability action alleging inadequate security at a rave party where multiple persons shot by patron
  • Wrongful deaths (3) action arising from collision between tractor trailer driver allegedly under the influence of drugs and workers’ pickup truck
  • Wrongful death action by survivor of woman killed when jet ski impacted by power boat
  • Slip and fall at grocery store requiring shoulder surgery
  • Collapse of elevator railing injures plaintiff’s foot
  • Three vehicle passengers injured in freeway collision
  • Truck and auto collision with back, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Plaintiff’s knee struck by falling dolly at retail store
  • Head injury to bicyclist hit by auto
  • Fall down unlit staircase results in back and neck surgery
  • Spinal surgery after multi-vehicle freeway collision
  • Multi vehicle (tractor trailer and autos) freeway accident with catastrophic injuries
  • Premises liability action alleging inadequate lighting caused fall on stairway
  • Bellboy strikes hotel patron with luggage cart causing traumatic injuries and allegedly death
  • Multi-vehicle auto accident where plaintiff claims exacerbation of malignant cancer and development of Graves disease due to stress and trauma
  • Commercial sublessee abandons premises when sublessor will not pay for seismic retrofit required by City for tenant’s planned remodel
  • Wrongful death claim by sober living home resident following drug overdose
  • Trip and fall by elderly plaintiff alleging permanent vertigo and neurological issues
  • Slip and fall on stadium steps resulting in fractured ankle
  • Motor vehicle accident with traumatic injuries
  • Action against ride-sharing service for accident resulting in knee and back surgeries
  • Slip and fall at restaurant resulting in complete tear of hamstring and fractured nose
  • Trip and fall when access to disabled parking space is blocked claimed cause of death
  • Disputed liability auto case with neck and back injuries
  • Rear end collision requiring cervical fusion and rotator cuff repair
  • Auto v. m/c lane splitting on freeway with back, neck, and leg injuries
  • Truck and auto freeway collision issue of pre-existing injuries relatedness to claim
  • High speed surface street collision involving ride-share vehicle and insurance coverage issues
  • Trip on doormat impacting door allegations of traumatic brain injury
  • UIM claim involving pedestrian struck by auto with major orthopedic injury
  • Slip and fall at market with holistic/alternative treatment modalities
  • Multi-vehicle accident with pre-existing shoulder surgery recommendation
  • Bicyclist struck by refuse truck with open reduction internal fixation ankle fracture
  • UIM minor rear impact causes exacerbation of cervical fractures resulting in fusion
  • Auto v auto major impact with shattered ankle and permanent limp
  • Auto v pedestrian with neurologic PTSD symptoms
  • High speed collision causes cognitive impairments due to head injury
  • Noted personality sued for injuring another during bar fight
  • Bad faith action against insurer for failure to pay for personal property loss due to dispute regarding whether loss occurred and value of items involved
  • Trucking accident results in claim by decedent’s adult son who had no contact since age 5
  • Bus makes sudden stop causing plaintiff to fall and suffering orthopedic and neurologic injuries
  • Hit and run on freeway with multiple orthopedic injuries
  • Multiple cases of amusement park personal injury claims heard over two-day period
  • Shopper claims store worker pushed heavily laden cart into him resulting in multiple orthopedic injuries
  • Employee’s son driving company car, under the influence of alcohol, impacts other vehicle at high rate of speed causing it to go over embankment and roll multiple times with orthopedic and neurological injuries to driver and passenger
  • Gig driver for food delivery at fault for collision resulting in graphic artist’s permanent hand impairment
  • Security guards pursue suspect in parking lot and during altercation shoot suspect multiple times resulting in permanent lower extremity impairment
  • Security guard stabbed to death by suspected shoplifter in altercation outside of store
  • Head-on collision results in vehicle fire with disfiguring burns and neurologic/orthopedic injuries
  • Speeding gig driver broadsides vehicle causing permanent hand injuries with multiple surgeries
  • Driver making U-turn impacts plaintiff on moped
  • Alleged negligent hiring of intoxicated commercial truck driver who impacts multiple vehicles on freeway and is arrested for second DUI

Premises Liability

  • Trip on door threshold resulting in fractured hip
  • Non-tempered glass shower door shatters causing extensive skin lacerations
  • Fall on dimly lit outdoor stairs at rehabilitation center with $900,000 orthopedic bills
  • Fall in area with no disabled ramp results in broken hip and sepsis, ultimately fatal
  • Medical doctor falls on deteriorated stairwell resulting in multiple ankle surgeries and permanent disability
  • Industrial gate collapses on worker while attempting to close it, resulting in paralysis.
  • Operator of rented electric scooter impacts rise in sidewalk and is thrown into tree and onto pavement resulting in incomplete quadriplegia
  • Unsecured used restaurant cooking oil drum upset by passerby resulting in pedestrian slipping and having multiple knee surgeries
  • Roofing materials fall off high shelf at warehouse resulting in lacerations to plaintiff’s arm and residual nerve damage
  • "Settlement Days" for grocery retailer with 5 mediations/day in trip and fall and slip and fall cases
  • Elementary school student alleges trips on large crack in playground asphalt with traumatic head injuries including brain surgery and neurocognitive residuals
  • Personal injuries sustained when plaintiff slips and falls on plastic sheeting placed over hallway carpets during major renovation of apartment building
  • Infant being carried by father at wedding venue is struck by falling steel curtain rod resulting in brain injury

Probate, Estate & Trusts

  • Trust dispute alleging undue influence and financial elder abuse in successor Trustee persuading Decedent to transfer property from a Trust to a Joint Tenancy with him prior to her death
  • Trust contest among four sisters regarding disposition of mother's estate. Dispute involved allegations of undue influence and elder abuse
  • Attorney's and Trustee's fees, charitable bequests to non-501(c)(3) entities, estate tax implications
  • Trust and estate contest involving issues of oil leases, multiple real estate holdings, and conflict between stepchildren and surviving spouse
  • Trust and estate contest between siblings alleging financial and physical elder abuse, undue influence to mother
  • Trust and estate contest alleging lack of testamentary capacity and due execution, undue influence, fraud and duress
  • Trust and estate action of allegations regarding sale of trustor's residence, incapacity, fraudulent transfers, and satisfaction of beneficiaries' debts to Trust
  • Estate contest regarding validity of "Purported Will"
  • Trust and Estate dispute between children and stepmother over asset management and trustee's fees
  • Trust and estates matter with allegations of elder abuse, conversion, deficient accounting and seeking surcharge and removal of trustee
  • Trust and Estate/Conservatorship matter with issues of elder abuse, competency, management of estate and disbursements, reimbursement demands for allegedly improper expenses
  • Trust and estates matter involving beneficiaries' dispute over validity of grant deed and prior transfers to intervivos trust
  • Trust and estate contest alleging imprudent investment in securities and challenging trustee's fees, GAL fees, division and transfer or real estate
  • Elder abuse claim regarding neglect causing bedsores at care facility
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and elder abuse action brought against step son who allegedly transfers real and personal property to himself and liquidates Trust bank accounts to his own benefit
  • Beneficiaries petition for accounting and removal of Trustee due to alleged mismanagement and self-dealing with Trust's major asset of office and industrial building
  • Partition action by beneficiaries among multiple extended family members over valuation and sale of residential properties

Product Liability

  • Product Liability action against manufacturer of skin product alleging ingredient caused blistering akin to third degree burns
  • Product liability action arising out of an exploding food processor/blender that allegedly caused permanent hand, neurological, and psychological injuries
  • Commercial refrigerator hinge failed and door collapsed on visitor
  • Product liability action arising airbag failure causing multiple injuries to lower extremities
  • Product liability action following leg amputation in industrial trash compactor
  • Product liability action alleging non-disclosure of contents in sports drink resulted in hospitalization and neurologic damage
  • Insulin syringes allegedly leaked silicone resulting in damaged vision after eye surgery
  • Laser hair removal with scarring and permanent pain/discomfort
  • Allegations of brain injury arising from high speed amusement park ride
  • Elementary school student suffers facial disfigurement after impacting screws on support beam for awning over playground area

Real Estate

  • Allegation that a cell tower crashed on a neighboring property preventing construction of a medical training facility
  • Retaliatory eviction, habitability, and negligent infliction of emotional distress claims arising out of plumbing failure in rented condo that resulted in the displacement of long-term tenants
  • Neighbor dispute regarding validity, scope and details of easement for driveway between two residences
  • Real estate dispute over disclosures by listing agent
  • Multiparty real estate action regarding residential vs. commercial nuisance involving brokers, parties to sale, and owners of adjacent properties along with pending criminal charges and civil harassment restraining orders
  • Real estate litigation alleging failure to disclose that location of building in historic district would restrict ability to construct new condominium complex
  • Real estate action for specific performance of residential real estate transaction
  • Homeowner vs. HOA dispute re: conflict between CC&Rs and rights under Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Landlord tenant dispute alleging tenant's removal of improvements with cross-claims for breaches of landlord's covenants
  • Alleged slumlord conditions in 30 unit apartment building
  • Habitability of apartment building alleging vermin and rodent infestation
  • Habitability, breach of lease, retaliation and harassment claims by residential tenant
  • Action for return of earnest money deposit when real estate transaction was canceled because effects of COVID-19 Ellis Act evictions being suspended inhibits buyer’s ability to proceed with planned condominium conversion
  • Torrential rain cause overflow of storm drains and flooding of home’s foundation
  • Habitability and constructive eviction alleged when leaking roof unrepaired for two years with environmental testing reflecting mold
  • Real estate transaction collapses allegedly due to COVID-19's impact on mortgage lending
  • Adjoining homeowners’ dispute regarding claims of unauthorized removal of trees undermining structural integrity and privacy
  • HOA and upstairs condo owner sued for allowing hardwood floor installation adversely affecting downstairs owner’s quality of life
  • Tenant claims landlord falsely files eviction for owner occupancy and does not later occupy residence pursuant to Rent Stabilization Ordinance mandates
  • Adjoining homeowners dispute responsibility for common fence replacement costs
  • Verbal agreement between “partners” to home flipping deteriorates in apportionment of renovation expenses and distribution of profits
  • Elderly tenant undergoes one year of renovations that included large holes in ceiling and walls and workers entering unit repeatedly with no relocation assistance provided

Real Property

  • Fire in laundromat destroyed a shopping center. Matter involved claims for losses beyond what insurance compensated.
  • Resolution of employee’s claim that earned and vested commissions on insurance sales were unpaid and that she was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for wage claims and gender discrimination

Toxic Tort

  • Multi-party asbestos and toxic exposure arbitration