"Well Respected by all Counsel"

Judge Biderman is a great mediator and has been able to settle many difficult cases for me. He is very personable, easy to work with, and is well respected by all counsel.

- Civil Rights Attorney
"Follows Up"

The true gauge of an exceptional mediator is not just what they do within the confines of your 6 hour session, but rather the work they put in after the parties have come and gone. Judge Biderman is a tireless force even when mediation has ended. Keeping parties at the table long after a session has completed is how cases get resolved.

- Personal Injury Attorney
"Excellent Mediator"

Judge Biderman is an excellent mediator. He thoroughly prepares for his cases and shows care and empathy toward clients. He is well-respected by both sides and will go the extra mile to get the settlement done.

- PI/Civil Rights Attorney

Judge Biderman is outstanding. He has a great mediation disposition. He is thoughtful and patient, working with the client (in my case, the plaintiff in an employment dispute) to understand the client’s concerns, feelings, and demands, while also presenting to the client the legal issues and the value of informal resolution. He followed up with the parties after mediation, making efforts to bridge gaps and resolve the case. I recommend him highly.

- Employment Attorney

Judge Biderman is amazing He has great insight, patience and fantastic follow up. He knows how to navigate the parties towards a path of resolution. He has settled many cases other mediators couldn’t settle. I would use him anytime for any case.

- Siamak Vaziri Vaziri Law Group

Judge Biderman has a vast and deep source of real time trial experience and professional wisdom. He has mediated our cases ranging from catastrophic personal injury cases to sophisticated insurance bad faith, public entity and sexual assault cases, never forgetting his role as the mediator seeking the common ground. His results speak for themselves.

- Mark Algorri
"Best Mediator"

Judge Biderman is one of the best mediators I’ve ever been before as a mediator and a judge during trial in a court room.

- Personal Injury Attorney

Judge Biderman is an exquisite mediator who can be entrusted to objectively ascertain and successfully resolve the most high-risk and high-exposure cases. He is respected by both plaintiffs and defense attorneys alike, and a true pleasure to work with.

- Defense counsel

Judge Biderman has the respect and credibility with Plaintiffs lawyers, Defense Lawyers and their Principals that makes him a top choice for Mediation every time.

- Daniel Balaban

What sets Judge Biderman apart from other mediators is that he gets cases settled by being a nice guy and at the same time relentless. He doesn’t give up until he gets the case resolved, without ever getting heavy handed with either you or your client.

- Daniel Rodriguez & Personal Injury and Civil Rights Plaintiff Attorney

Judge Biderman brings not only the gravitas of a judge to a mediation but also a down to earth approachable demeanor. He connects well with adjusters and counsel and is a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

- Defense Counsel

Quick read-reliable analysis-wide range: catastrophic auto accident to police misconduct

- Garo Mardirossian CAALA’s trial of the year and past president

Judge Biderman worked hard to get the parties to resolve a case where emotional issues heavily overlaid the legal issues. He had a great command of the facts, the law and the legal issues and was able to work with the personalities involved to get the case settled.

- Business, Entertainment and Civil Rights Defense attorney
"Always Finds a Way"

Whether representing the Plaintiff or the Defense you can’t go wrong having Judge Biderman as the mediator. No matter how difficult the challenge appears he seems to always find a way to create a dialogue and move the parties to common ground. I think his greatest attribute and the reason for his success is his innate honesty. It comes across like a bright light that everyone can see and feel. Although he may not settle every case at the end of the mediation you are guaranteed to learn something new about the case. In other words, the juice is always worth the squeeze. Judge Biderman is one of the best mediators in the business.

- Rickie Ivie, Plaintiff & Defense Attorney
"My go-to mediator"

My go-to mediator, particularly on tough cases. Judge Biderman is equal parts the reasonable voice and the man who tells your client the hard truths they need to hear. He connects with plaintiffs and defendants alike and has immense respect from both sides of the bar. He will work his tail off to get your case settled.

- Defense Counsel
"First Choice"

Judge Biderman is my first choice when selecting a mediator. His years on the bench give him the credibility and experience to navigate difficult cases and to bridge seemingly unbridgeable gaps. His calm demeanor keeps emotions in check and he does an excellent job of managing expectations on both sides.

- Defense Counsel
"Not Give Up"

Judge Biderman stepped in on short notice and worked from 9 am to 9 pm to skillfully get a major case settled. He would not give up until it was done.

- Plaintiff's Counsel